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20 Nov Staircases Dorset

Staircases Dorset


Expert staircase fabrications for both domestic and commercial purposes in the Dorset area


Our Staircase Fabrication Service

Staircases Dorset

At Rowtec Dorset Ltd we know that staircases Dorset can sometimes cost a lot of money for a house, such a  service has recently increased which have made buyers have to reconsider if it is really worth getting a fine quality staircase. There are obviously both advantages and disadvantages to having a high-quality staircase and at Rowtec Dorset Ltd we have made it our goal to make sure that all if not most of the disadvantages that high-quality staircases bring are eliminated to make sure your decision is much easier to make.

Renowned Staircase Fabricators

Our team of skilled staircases Dorset fabricators have achieved enough experience over the years to make sure that we can tailor any staircase within the Dorset area to your exact specifications. We will only use the best materials for the job at hand.

Our Guarantee To You

To make sure that you have some peace of mind when it comes to your staircase we will make sure to offer you the chance to be talked through every stage of the process so that you know what is happening, why it’s happening and when everything is taking place. We can also offer you the chance to have aftermarket care for your product so that it lasts for an even longer amount of time and to make sure that you will get the best value for money possible on the market, especially within the Dorset area.

 Years of Staircase Fabrications in the Dorset Area

Our technicians have had continued success over the last few years in providing a wide variety of staircases within the Dorset area.  As a result of this hard work and continued success we have enjoyed a successive stream of recommendations from within the Dorset area and have made some very happy customers along the way.


Get in touch with Rowtec Dorset Ltd and see why they provide some of the highest quality staircases Dorset has to offer. You can call them on 01202 882211 or email

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