Trends in Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication Trends

30 Jul Trends in Steel Fabrication

The metal fabrication industry has seen growth in jobs and technology over the past several years. Although there was some anticipation about possible impacts with th3D Printinge new administration change, overall manufacturing has seen positive growth over the past year.

As a whole, metal manufacturing is in a good shape, although recent government intervention and Trump Tariffs are causing big concerns about the future as steel and aluminium prices have surged at record rates. Hopefully, steel and aluminium fabricators will see continued strong demand as the market adjusts to these new pricing realities. The good news is that the economy overall is boiling at a good rate – shops are busy and demand is strong. Here are the top 3 Trends in the industry.


The reshoring trend is due in large part to new technology, automation and advances in speed and productivity, as well as rising costs overseas.

Tube laser Technology

Tube laser technology introduces several significant advantages over traditional manufacturing and fabrication processes. Tube lasers increase the ability to produce more intricate cuts, increase fabrication speed, save on downstream assembly and can reduce costs while improving quality.

3D Printing

Things are looking exciting for the metal industry as metal fabrication businesses invest in 3D printing technology. Metal 3D Printing differs from traditional steel fabrication processes as it invoices the stamping of metals to produce a required design.

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