Employee Safety is a Priority

workplace safety

10 Aug Employee Safety is a Priority

Safety vs. Productivity

When it comes to safety vs. productivity, employee safety should always be the clear winner. In fact, when properly implemented the two goals should complement each other. After all, safe employees are productive employees.workplace safety

A survey by the national safety council reported that 70% of employees say that safety is part of their induction and ongoing training. It’s important to remind both employees and employers not to let safety practices slack due to a heavy workload and pending deadlines. Encouraging employees to stay focused will not only keep them safe but will actually help get the job done right and on time.

Important: Employees cannot and should not be forced to choose between safe practices and the pressure of keeping productivity goals. Most importantly, they must have the ability to stop production when they feel safety concerns are at stake. Safety is always the priority.

Safety culture begins at the top

When it comes to worker safety in industrial fabrication, a safety manager is a key liaison between management and employees. The safety managers responsibility to provide a safe working environment, including:

o   Providing a workplace free from serious recognised hazards

o   Comply with standards and regulations listed under OSH Act

o   Ensure employees have and are trained to use safe and properly maintained tools and equipmentworkplace injury

o   Establish or update operating procedures and communicate then so that employees follow safety and health requirements

o   Provide safety training in a language and vocabulary workers can understand


Safety issues should always be addressed immediately before anyone gets hurt!

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