How Long Is The Process To Make A Steel Building?

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25 Jan How Long Is The Process To Make A Steel Building?

Tarrant GunvilleThere are a lot of factors that can cause issue or delay when it comes to the design and delivery of a steel building. Such factors from redesigns to building complications and even some that may be out of human control can all impact the duration of the delivery. Below are a few common variables that can impact the timeline for constructing a steel building.


When it comes to the design phase, the accuracy of the sketch is what mainly impacts the time it will take to get these drawings engineered created and approved. With engineering drawings, it’s all about the details. The better and clearer the details are the faster these drawings will come together which will speed up the construction process.


Once the drawings have been approved and are ready to go, its time to get the materials together. When it comes to the materials, this can be a tricky process. Materials that are in stock will reduce the fabrication time, while custom materials will take longer to obtain. When dealing with fabrication, it’s all on a case by case basis. The more complex a building the longer the fabrication may take. Shipping materials can also tack on some time. With shipping items, factors such as weather, distance and road conditions can make the construction process lengthier.


It’s no secret that construction schedules tend to go off course from time to time. Its totally normal for construction to be delayed due to weather conditions, equipment delivery delays and more. It’s important to also note that building size plays a large role in the duration of the project as well. Simple standard buildings typically take less time to complete rather than their complex counterparts.

Here at Rowtec, we try our very best to avoid construction delays. We take extra care in the design and planning of delivery to provide our best chances at the project running smoothly.

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