Garages in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset

Does your property need the protection of our resilient garage services? At Rowtec, our garages in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset are designed to deliver maximum protection to your property and possessions. It is important to us that we use materials of only the most robust nature to ensure your garages in Dorset are completely secure.

Our Dorset garages services

Your garage is an essential facility that will keep your products and possessions safe. Whether you are installing our Dorset garages in Poole to a domestic, commercial or industrial property, Rowtec knows what designs and products will benefit you.

At Rowtec, we completely understand that the security of your possessions, whether they are work related or not, is your complete priority. We specialise in steel fabrications and ironworks to give you fantastic, durable results on your garage doors in Poole and Bournemouth.

Premium materials

Our garage doors are made out of the strongest metals available in the industry. Most of our garage doors will be fabricated from galvanised steel; a steel so strong that it is the most valuable material to use for your garage door. Once we have finished fitting the material to your designated property, our engineers will cover it with a special powder-coated finish to give it the ultimate protection.

Look through our gallery to see the fine work we have carried out on past projects.

Benefits of our garages in Bournemouth

We have the facilities to construct a variety of garage and shed designs that will suit the practicalities of your business or home. At Rowtec, we do such a good job at installing your garages in Dorset that you will never have to do any repaints, change your roofing or experience a stuck door ever again.

From garages to sheds, our garages in Bournemouth services will provide homes and businesses with beneficial features such as:

  • Enhanced market profile
  • Improved organisation
  • Increased living/ working space
  • Updated security systems

Garages Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset

About Rowtec

When we carry out our garage services in Bournemouth, you will discover a company set on delivering strong garages in Dorset. We will take you through the whole process, from architectural designs to the construction, so that you are completely aware of what each stage of the project involves. Each fitting is different depending on the background of our client. It is for this reason that we tailor our garage doors to your specification and service.

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If you would like Rowtec to provide our bespoke services to garages on your property in Dorset then why not get in touch with us today. Send an email to or call 01202 882211.